It's Cool To See Self Reliance in Action

This past weekend we were in Northern New Hampshire, driving on US 3 South from Twin Mountain. This stretch of US 3 cuts through the White Mountain National Forest, its two lanes with little Cell Phone coverage.

So as we are driving along we see the car in front of us stop in the middle of the lane and put on its four way flashers. So we pull up behind it to see the tree that has fallen completely across the road. Cars started to back up in the opposing lane as well. No one was going anywhere!

So what happens? People get out of their cars and start to check out the tree. Within a few minutes folks are figuring out how to move the tree, we have some rope. Someone says we should attach the rope to the tree and one of the cars and drag it. And then from one of the cars a few back in the opposing lane comes a guy with a chain saw. A bit of sawing, some dragging of pieces off the road and within ten minutes we were all on our way. Problem solved!

(Sorry, I didn't get any pictures)

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