New Version of my Blog

Welcome to the new version of my Blog. There are three major changes. The first is the site now uses simpler and easier to read colors. No more light blue on dark blue (what the heck was I thinking!). The site is also “responsive.” Using the new paradigm of “Responsive Design” the site will resize itself to fit most screens. On mobile devices with small screens, the side bar will vanish (except on the home page where they appear before the main text). This makes the site much more accessible to small screen devices.

I have also moved the site off of the Google App Engine and onto a virtual linux server that I operate at I did this for several reasons, one was to be able to de-customize the site so I could use the normal Django admin features. Google also changed the billing paradigm for the App Engine, which would require me to do more customization, something I didn't really want to do.


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