At least they didn't try to sell me FiOS

So on Monday, admittedly during a pretty windy storm, my main home phone line started to pick up a lot of static. So I plugged in my old trusting rotary dial phone directly into the Demarcation point and indeed, the problem was still there. Not my wires... I went to the Verizon website, navigated past all of the "Buy FiOS" cruft and found the link to report a problem. After going through the motions of on-line testing of my line, the website said I had to call the trouble in. I called the number displayed, only to get a computerized phone tree which attempted to talk me through a debugging procedure that ended with it declaring my line fine.... and hanging up.

So I got smart. I called back and just kept hitting "0" on the keypad or saying "agent" until I got a person. They politely took my report and declared that the trouble would be cleared by Wednesday. On Wednesday I received a computerized call informing me that they could not find a problem and that all was well. When I got home I found the line now stone dead. The website indicated that I had no open ticket. So I called back... kept hitting "0" and saying "agent" until I got a person. They politely took my report, and quoted me Friday for a repair. When I asked what happened to the original ticket I was informed that it was closed when the technician decided that there wasn't a problem. I will give them credit, this agent did admit that their testing indicated a problem, and didn't try to sell me on FiOS...


From: Bill Cattey

Yea, Verizon did that to me a couple years ago.

The next thing that happens is they re-open the case; nobody shows up; the tech lies on the case to say nobody was home and the line stays dead another couple days.

Tell them if the phone isn't fixed in 24 hours you're cutting the cord.


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