More Baby Guinea Pigs

We had three sows (thats a female Guinea Pig) give birth in the last two weeks. The first was a Teddy who had four babies on April 15th. Our other Teddy sow had a litter of three last week.

Our Abbysinnian sow had a single baby late last week. They are all very cute!

The smallest of the second litter was apparently not getting enough nutrition so we have been hand feeding it.

Below are some pictures, including one of the smallest pig standing in a plate on the kitchen table eating a wad of "Critical Care for Herbivores." It was quite enjoying itself even with us standing nearby and one of the cats looking it over!

Baby Pig Eating out of a plate

Smallest Guinea Pig
Eating from a plate

Here You can see the whole plate!

Here you can see the
whole plate!

The Abby Baby

The Abby Baby
with Mom

The Abby Family Portrait

Abby Family Portrait
That's Dad on the Roof!


From: randy

Awwww! So cute! I used to have an Abbysinnian with the same markings and colors as yours. She was already pregnant when I got her and she had three litters after that.

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